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Build communities

Build communities

Everchat is a network of communities based on topics that interest you.
Find communities you love, and share something with the world.
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Why Everchat

A few of many reasons why to choose Everchat over other social networks.

Have fun

Join like-minded communities and find people you can resonate with.

Get inspired

Discover interesting topics and join the discussion. Your opinion matters.

Stay safe

Only show what you want. All your data is encrypted and secure.

Be yourself

Anything you might be into is okay with us, whether you’re a weirdo or an average Joe.

How it works

Using Everchat is the most intuitive experience you can imagine.

How adding a channel on Everchat works

Add a channel

Creating a community on Everchat is as simple as naming a folder in your computer.

How posting on Everchat works


Posting on Everchat is as simple as sending a direct message in any instant messenger.

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